Full Tilt Logistics is in the News! Again!

The recent buzz comes from Northern Nevada Business Weekly in an article that centers around innovation in Reno trucking companies “On the Road: Future of Trucking is Headed this Way.”

An Innovator Amongst Reno Trucking Companies

In his article, Roger Diez identifies Full Tilt as an innovator amongst various other Reno trucking companies and cites their use of modern advancements in trucking including, Geotab from Telematics. Geotab is a freight management system that affords real-time logistics information. UPS and the Department of Defense both use the same software as the system provides electronic logging of driver hours for full accountability of transportation requirements.

Advancements in computer technology have not only added efficiencies in terms of tracking and logistics. Full Tilt’s Volvo power units achieve much greater fuel efficiency. Over the past 10 years, Volvo has achieved drastic gains in fuel economy to the tune of an average of 5 to 6 miles per gallon to an average of 7.5 in their fleets.

This increase in efficiency is due to smaller displacement engines the use turbochargers and smart aerodynamics. Other details such as high-efficiency piston design, split injection fuel delivery systems, predictive shifting, and adaptive cruise control also contribute to better mileage.

The next step is the development of hybrid power units despite limited demand. Regardless, Full Tilt recognizes the importance of increased efficiency and looks to the future for continued innovation.

Growth and Expansion

Diez also notes Full Tilt’s rise since their inception three years ago as well as our continuing growth and development. Currently, our staff at Full Tilt handles between 400 and 500 shipments per month. This increase in traffic has also necessitated the recent acquisition this June of three additional tractors and a total of six trailers. Our plan is to increase the fleet to between ten and fifteen units by the end of the year.

Full Tilt specializes in high-value freight and many of our clients are trade shows and companies in the solar industry and most recently we signed a contract with Amazon. Full Tilt looks to continue its commitment to fully utilizing the technological capabilities built into today’s modern trucks to position itself as a key player amongst Reno logistics and Reno trucking companies.

Check out Diez’s full article from Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

To find out more about how Full Tilt Logistics incorporates the latest innovative technology and equipment to meet modern-day shipping and logistics demands, contact us today. We are happy to share our vision for the future and talk all things logistics.

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