At Full Tilt, we have two companies involved with moving freight across the country. Full Tilt Transportation, the asset-based company staffed with professional drivers and a fleet of power units and trailers, and Full Tilt Logistics, the freight brokerage company. People often ask, “What is a freight broker?” Well, here is the answer….

A freight broker is someone who assists shippers with freight ready to haul by finding carriers who are qualified to haul the load. They are responsible for brokering deals with shippers and then facilitating the movement of a shipper’s freight. Good brokers are responsible for keeping a line of communication open with the carrier to update the status of the shipper’s load. Brokers arrange the transportation and track the load hauled by a carrier. The responsibilities of a freight broker are not limited to connecting carriers with shippers. They must communicate with both parties and track the load to verify pickup and delivery. A freight broker serves as a liaison between shippers and carriers.

Brokers make it easier for shippers to find quality carriers that are proven to be reliable in hauling a load since most shippers do not have the experience or time to determine if a carrier can perform the task. Freight brokers also help carriers earn more by having available loads to haul.

How Brokers Find Freight Carriers…Broker Load Boards

Freight brokers looking to move freight need to find carriers who are available to haul a load. Broker load boards are used by freight brokers to connect with the freight carrier and are one of the easiest ways to network and build a carrier base.

Using a load board, freight brokers can quickly find approved carriers who may be interested in hauling a load by posting the load details onto a load board and then contacting carriers who may be qualified to move the load. Time is money and the more loads a freight broker can move, the more they can earn, placing a premium on the use of load boards.

benefits of working with a freight broker

Benefits of Working with a Freight Broker

Convenience and Higher Level of Service – When working with a broker the shipper can make one call and have confidence their load will be moved by a reliable carrier. With frequent communication regarding the status of a shipment.

Large Carrier Network – Established brokers like Full Tilt Logistics typically have carrier networks of more than 10,000 approved carriers able to ship any type of freight.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs – Partnering with a broker can eliminate the need to hire more employees and can improve productivity during a shipper’s busiest times.

How Do Freight Brokers Make Money?

A freight broker earns money by finding a carrier willing to move freight for less than his customer is willing to pay to ship the freight. This difference creates a profit for the freight broker known as the margin.

Questions to Ask Before Using a Freight Broker

Is this company financially stable? Are they paying their carriers in a timely manner? Ask to see their most recent credit report or pull it yourself from Dun and Bradstreet.

What type of insurance does this broker provide from General Liability to Cargo? Ask to see copies of their insurance documents.

How do Brokers Select their Carriers? All brokerages have minimum requirements and contracts that carriers are required to sign. Request a copy of the new carrier packet that they send out to make sure it meets all your corporate needs.


Full Tilt Logistics Freight Brokerage: Your Logistics Partner

Full Tilt has the experience, knowledge, and carrier base to handle every aspect of your shipping needs. Our employees are well trained in the business with excellent customer service skills. Working with Full Tilt will prove to be a valuable resource for your company big or small.

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At Full Tilt, we have two companies involved with moving freight across the country. Full Tilt Transportation, the asset-based company staffed with professional drivers and a fleet of power units and trailers, and Full Tilt Logistics, the freight brokerage company. People often ask, “What is a freight broker?” Well, here is the answer…. A freight… Read More

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