Obviously, the past several weeks have had a devastating impact on individuals, families, local and state governments, our national economy, and well-being. Along with the wreckage of the greatest economy in the world, many Americans have experienced a toll on their lives and related social issues have been significant. No one saw this coming.

The COVID-19 situation has significantly impacted Full Tilt and we have had to furlough employees and do more with less. Over the last several years, we’ve provided transportation services to many large trade shows, exhibits, and other large events. This year, these events came to an abrupt stop, forcing us to move in other directions and get creative in our ability to navigate through the situation. Many customers have stopped paying, yet we continue to pay our carriers and drivers. How long this will last is uncertain.

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Full Tilt Logistics’ Positive Impact

On a positive note, we have been able to be part of the solution to keeping critical support services moving through the supply chain. This has been extremely rewarding for our company. In addition to moving critical items, we have been partnering with FEMA and called into action to fulfill contracts and provide support services during this deadly virus outbreak. Full Tilt’s partnership with FEMA goes back to Hurricane Harvey and we have seen firsthand the devastation nature can bring. The current situation is much different.

Our drivers and carriers are critical in maintaining the lifeline supply chain. As sickness and death surround everyone, people realize that logistics and supply chain operations are needed for survival with a sincere appreciation for the trucking industry. As part of the supply chain industry during these times, we are thankful to be able to do our part. Every day we see or hear about an act of selflessness completed by someone making their contribution to the fight. We are so thankful to our drivers and carriers who continue to drive. Their commitment and willingness to stay on the road during this time keep supply chains open. It’s uplifting to know that people are communicating and collaborating as needed to service our frontline responders, our foodservice industry, and other vital needs. We are proud Full Tilt Logistics is supporting the needs of FEMA and other industries responding to the war with the virus.

Looking for Transportation and Logistics Solutions?

Full Tilt Logistics is known in our community for shipping freight throughout Nevada and across the country. We can help any business size from Mom & Pop stores that are going to reopen to FEMA and other government agencies. Through our ability to react in this crisis, we have demonstrated that we change as business needs dictate. At Full Tilt, we hope everyone stays safe. Keep on trucking for the win against COVID 19!

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