Full Tilt is Proud to Employ Women Truck Drivers

Full Tilt Transportation and Full Tilt Logistics are rapidly growing Women-Owned companies located in the beautiful Reno – Tahoe area. Owners Tiffany Novich, Jessica Novich, and Cindy Novich have broken barriers in male-dominated industries by surrounding themselves with the best people, providing excellent customer service and following through on their commitments. They continue to support qualified women truck drivers striving to better themselves and prove they are up to the challenge of transporting products in 80 feet of muscle, carrying up to 80,000 pounds of freight.

One example is Tamlynn Hegdahl, one of Full Tilt’s most reliable drivers. She has been with Full Tilt for almost three years. When we spoke with Tamlynn about being a female truck driver, she was waiting in a warehouse watching a gang of men load her truck for a cross country trip back east. Tamlynn is earning her stripes as a cross-country big-rig driver, hoping to attract more women to cope with an industry-wide driver shortage.


Being a Woman Truck Driver

The trucker lifestyle can be hard on men and even harder for women. Far from family and friends, women can face harassment, sexism, personal hygiene challenges, safety concerns and living in a rolling home on wheels, sometimes for extended periods of time. “There was one time I didn’t have a shower for five days and that was hard.” Tamlynn has learned to take precautions when it comes to safety. “I avoid parking in rest stops because of the poor lighting and higher crime areas than truck stops.” She also likes to park in the fuel line at the truck stops to run inside for food or to use the restroom. “Confidence is the key…. walk briskly and don’t make eye contact.” Men can park anywhere, but Tamlynn parks in lighted areas and avoids walking between parked trucks and never lets anyone know she is alone. “I’m always on guard. I draw the curtains in my cab as soon as I stop and keep them drawn so no one knows I’m alone.”

Downtime is valuable to a long-haul driver. “I’m not home often so relationships can be hard, but you adjust and make it work.” Tamlynn sees favoritism on a regular basis, as many women truck drivers do. “Shippers and receivers can be condescending and some still don’t think I’m the driver. On the other hand, they may load me first because I’m a woman. It’s all part of the job.”

Increasing Number of Women in the Industry

Tamlynn says she sees more and more women truck drivers. “The other day I was fueling up and there were women drivers on both sides of me, so it’d definitely changing.” It’s a lot of responsibility when you get behind the wheel and she says she is probably more cautious than many of her men counterparts.

Bottom line…. Tamlynn loves the job and the money is great. “I have a degree in psychology and sold insurance for many years and last year I made more money than I ever had.” She loves the long hauls and seeing new places. “My office has the best view in the world and I feel like I’m my own boss. I would never have the chance to see so many places if I wasn’t behind the wheel. I have a great life.”

Looking for a Career in this Industry?

Full Tilt is always looking for qualified drivers. At our rapidly growing Logistics and Transportation company, we employ personable and dedicated team members and like to provide an engaging and constructive environment for all employees. We offer rewarding careers with unlimited potential. If you’re interested contact us today!

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