Woman driving a Full Tilt Logistics truck with high value shipmentsDo your homework and ace the test! This doesn’t only work well in school, it also applies to business. At Full Tilt Logistics, we do our homework and the results are solid grades from our growing customer base. In the fast-paced logistics and transportation industry, everyone is in a hurry and we get that. As a leader in delivering high value shipments, we have found that spending some time on the front end (homework) leads to better results for our customers (acing the test).

High Value Shipments

Let’s talk about one segment of our business and describe how we do our homework. We routinely transport time-sensitive, high value shipments like equipment for trade show exhibits and live entertainment events. Because these events are on a tight schedule, they require strict timelines. Generally, we are only given a small window to deliver to the show, pick up from the show, and get to the next event. If mistakes are made or deadlines are missed, it gets expensive. Often union labor is waiting for the freight and if there is a delay, it’s costly. We follow the following procedures to ensure on-time delivery.

Thoroughly Vet Every Carrier Before Approving Them for Full Tilt Shipments

For all carriers, we check the carrier’s DOT information through Safer Watch and FMCSA (Federal Carrier Safety Administration). We are looking for excellent safety scores, current insurance, proper operating authority, and TIA Watchdog notifications for any infractions against their company. Any issues, at all, and they are not approved by Full Tilt.

Require Direct Communication with the Driver Transporting the Freight

We verify the driver provided by the carrier is the correct driver and has the exact instructions regarding the load. Daily updates from the drivers are required, however, often our dispatch department is in contact with every driver several times a day to accurately determine the status of the load and ensure compliance with the delivery or pick-up schedule.

Verify the Carrier Has the Right Equipment for the Job

We thoroughly describe and communicate to the carrier the specific equipment that is required for each shipment. Not only trailer type, but accessories like blanket wraps, straps, load bars, and decking to name a few. We include the equipment list on the rate confirmation to the driver and get verbal agreement over a recorded line to eliminate any misunderstanding. Also, an email confirmation is sent to restate the required equipment again. Full Tilt implements this process to avoid any last minute surprises.

Verify Every Driver Has Enough Driving Hours for the Delivery Assignment

Full Tilt utilizes an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) driver tracking system to make sure drivers have the available hours for on-time pickup and delivery. Driving time is federally regulated and all drivers must follow the law. If drivers are short on time for any time-sensitive high value shipments, they are not approved for the load.

Provide Detailed Instructions to the Drivers

Shipment-specific details are provided to every driver regarding each shipment. Destination contact information, location nuances, and defined pickup and delivery time windows are among the many instructions provided. They are detailed on the rate and load confirmation that the carrier must agree to and sign off on. Failure to meet agreed-upon instructions will result in dollar reductions for the carrier. This is an effective incentive for carriers to do their best to pick up and deliver on time. Any delays may result in catastrophic failures for our customers which is unacceptable. Imagine a major trade show exhibit waiting for material to set up the show.

Experts in High Value Shipments

In addition to these procedures to ensure a great customer experience with no problems, we also have fail-safe procedures in place to recover loads in the case of an emergency. Dedicated Full Tilt equipment, as well as an extensive carrier network, allows us to recover a load at any time.

Full Tilt Logistics is totally transparent to our customers, we communicate regularly with a goal to exceed customer expectations every time. Our philosophy…. do your homework and ace the test. Contact us today!

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