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Cris Novich, Managing Director of Full Tilt Transportation, recently participated in a three-person expert panel discussing supply chain issues effecting the global, national, and local economies.  The event was sponsored by the Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) organization and brought together experts to discuss supply chain issues.

The worldwide supply chain has been severely disrupted due to several factors including supply chain shortcomings, increased fuel costs, winter weather and COVID.  The phenomena has been called The Everything Shortage and has resulted in product scarcity and increased prices.  It’s also spurned innovation in utilizing alternate sources and a movement from offshoring to onshoring.

The panelists discussed the current state of the supply chain and what they predict for the immediate and long-term future of the shipping and delivery market. Audience participation included many questions and comments.  Full Tilt Logistics and Transportation continues to be an innovative and forward thinking industry leader that customers look to for solutions.

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