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Although Full Tilt Logistics and Full Tilt Transportation are women-owned companies, there is no doubt who the big diesel engines are that power the organizations. Co-owners and brothers Nic and Cris Novich are the drivers of the bus. Everyone has their strengths and lanes of responsibility, but the Novich brothers are truly the leaders of the rapidly growing companies.

These two brothers have been closely connected their entire lives. Nic, the oldest helped found Full Tilt Logistics in 2014 and convinced younger brother Cris to join him in 2017 and create Full Tilt Transportation. The lifelong trust between the brothers cannot be emphasized enough, they have each other’s backs when things get hectic as is usually the case in a freight brokerage, trucking, and transportation business. Although the brothers work closely together operating the two companies, they arrived at this business partnership in different ways.

Meet the Novich Brothers

Older brother Nic runs Full Tilt Logistics. He has worked with several large freight brokerage and transportation companies and was a key contributor in starting two brokerages before founding Full Tilt Logistics in 2014. He has experience and a thorough knowledge of the business. His sales ability and customer service skills are exceptional because he is honest and smart with a healthy dose of common sense. He is a high-energy, whatever it takes to get the job done leader and is the true visionary of the companies. He has always had and still does have a true vision of where Full Tilt will be in ten years, thinking several steps ahead of his business partners and employees. When we think things are going well and running smoothly Nic wonders “what if we did this” or “have you seen the latest technology” or “what if we bought a new building”. Without his knowledge of the industry and continuing to push the envelope, Full Tilt would not be where it is today.

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Younger brother Cris runs Full Tilt Transportation. He joined the business in 2017 and was responsible for starting Full Tilt Transportation, the asset-based component of the organizations. Cris is the numbers guy and was a successful Financial Advisor prior to joining the family business. With his leadership, the company has grown to eighteen power units and over forty 53’ dry van trailers. Although decisions must be made quickly, Cris’s planning and organizational skills ensure the company stays on track. Cris can often be found with a phone in each hand and five computer monitors in front of him. He is constantly focused on reducing operating expenses by finding fuel discounts and better insurance rates for the company. He recruits and hires drivers, develops business relationships with existing customers, and sells Full Tilt services to prospective customers.

Nic and Cris’s passion and dedication to Full Tilt is always on display and with their leadership, our employee base has grown and we now boast some of the best, well-trained employees in the business. Leading by example, supporting employees and providing them with opportunities to grow with the business have been key in recruiting and maintaining a competent workforce. Employees have the authority and are encouraged to take chances and make decisions to serve the customers’ best interests. Nic and Cris are always available to support their employees when they need it. The brothers constantly check in with our customers to see how things are going from their side. In these conversations, we often hear how great it is to work with Full Tilt because customers can always reach an owner for a prompt response to a question or to get a problem solved quickly.

Although the success of Full Tilt is a major part of their lives, maintaining a solid family unit is most important to Nic and Cris. They are both wonderful fathers and husbands and are able to balance work and family effectively. Of course, both of their spouses are also part owners of the companies, so Full Tilt truly is a tight-knit family operation.

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