Trade exhibitions offer businesses a fantastic chance to present their goods or services to a big audience. However, trade show shipping can be a complex process, and if not done correctly, it can lead to costly mistakes.

Not Planning Ahead

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when shipping trade show exhibits is not planning ahead. This mistake can lead to delays in shipping and the possibility of missing the show altogether. It is essential to start planning early and make a deal with reliable logistics companies to ensure that everything is organized and ready to go before the event.

Failing to Label Properly

Another mistake businesses make is failing to label their trade show exhibits correctly. When shipping, it’s essential to label everything accurately, including boxes, crates, and pallets. To make everything easier to find, it’s a good idea to label everything with the firm name and booth number.

Not Securing Fragile Items

Trade show exhibits can include fragile items such as electronics, glass displays, or artwork. Failing to secure these items correctly can lead to damage during shipping. To make sure that everything is properly protected, it’s crucial to utilize the right packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, foam, & packing peanuts. Additionally, it’s crucial to mark fragile items as such and ensure that they are placed on top of other items during shipping.

Ignoring Shipping Regulations

Depending on the destination, shipping regulations can change, therefore it’s important to follow them to prevent any issues during delivery. This includes regulations related to hazardous materials, customs, and quarantine requirements. Working with reputable logistic companies that understand these regulations can help ensure that everything is shipped legally and on time.

Not Having a Backup Plan

A typical error that can result in disaster is not having a backup plan. Having a backup plan in place is important because delays, lost goods, and damage during transportation can occur. This can include having spare parts or backup displays available, or having a backup plan for shipping in case of emergencies.

Failing to Follow Up with the Shipping Company

After the exhibit has been successfully shipped and arrived at the trade show, it’s essential to follow up with your Reno, NV trucking companies to ensure everything went smoothly. This entails verifying that every component of the exhibit has been delivered, looking for any faults or missing parts, and making sure that the display has been properly put up at the event. Failure to contact the shipping firm again could result in later, expensive and time-consuming problems.

Choose a reliable carrier

Select a reliable and experienced carrier for shipping your trade show exhibit. Look for logistics companies that have experience in transporting trade show exhibits and that offers a tracking system for shipments. Choosing a carrier with a solid track record for timely delivery and customer service is also a big positive.

Consider insurance

Shipping your exhibit can be a significant investment, so it is important to consider purchasing insurance to protect your investment in case of damage or loss during transit when considering Reno, NV trucking companies, & any other trucking companies located around the world as well.

Plan ahead for customs clearance

If you are shipping your exhibit internationally, make sure that you plan ahead for customs clearance. Check the destination country’s customs regulations and make sure all required paperwork and documentation are in order. It is also important to factor in additional time for customs clearance when scheduling the shipment.

Taking into account the requirements and restrictions of the trade show venue

Each trade show may have different rules and regulations regarding the size, weight, and type of exhibit materials that can be brought in. It’s important to carefully review the guidelines provided by the show organizers for trade show shipping and communicate any questions or concerns with your shipping company.

Trade show shipping from exhibits can be a complex process, but avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure that everything arrives at the destination on time and in good condition. By planning ahead, labeling properly, securing fragile items, complying with shipping regulations, and having a backup plan, businesses can avoid costly mistakes and make the most of their trade show experience.

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