Truck Driving Careers with Full Tilt Transportation

For those considering truck driving careers, you need to know that the trucking industry is one of the few that remains stable in times of economic recession. This stability makes trucking careers highly desirable. Here are some additional reasons why more people are turning to trucking jobs and making them into careers.

Truck Driving Careers

Full Tilt Transportation Careers

Truck driving Careers (especially with Full Tilt) offer fair pay.

How much does a truck driver make? As an entry-level truck driver at Full Tilt Transportation, you have the potential to make up to $60,000 in your first year. This is an exceptional salary for a position that requires no previous experience. Full Tilt’s fair entry-level pay is great for hourly employees who would otherwise have to work several years to earn such a salary. At Full Tilt, you can get on the road immediately and bring home a solid paycheck. On average, at Full Tilt Transportation, we pay our drivers more than the industry average.

Why young people should consider trucking careers with Full Tilt Transportation:

Instant ticket to the middle class. So many young people in their 20’s are plagued by student loan debt. In trucking, the training generally takes 4 to 6 weeks and typically costs from $3,000 to $6,000 depending on where the training is done. First-year truck drivers right out of CDL school with Full Tilt are averaging over $54,000 with the potential for much more with superior performance. What other industry can say the same? For those young people seeking a well-paid and satisfying career, Full Tilt Transportation may be the best solution.

Here’s what one of our younger truck drivers had to say:

“I’m a 23-year-old single male. I have a college degree, but the job market is not great for my field and I HATE being in an office. Not to mention, truck driver salaries are on par with or better than many entry-level degreed jobs.”

”I have a lot of debt and what I’m really looking for is a gig that allows me to see the country and allow me to put away some money. I need a little nest egg to help pay off debts and give me some capital to work with down the line.”

“I also like driving on the highway. Being on the road so much working really keeps expenses down and allows me to put money away and get out of debt.”

Trucking is largely a stable industry.

If there’s a need for cargo, there’s a need for truck drivers to deliver that cargo. Many of our drivers at Full Tilt have experience working in unstable industries like construction. After these jobs, they then sought careers with more regular, weekly paychecks. This is something that trucking careers at Full Tilt Transportation offer.

Truck driving careers afford you job security and teach you in-demand skills.

There’s currently a shortage of truck drivers and professional drivers. This has lead to high demand for truck drivers. These are individuals who are essential to the function of the U.S. economy. As a driver with Full Tilt, you have the important job of delivering the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the materials that we use to build our homes. As a truck driver, you are performing a significant job that can’t be exported or shipped overseas.

You have advancement opportunities in the trucking industry.

Once you get that first year of driving under your belt, you can choose from many different career paths in the trucking industry. After spending some time on the road, some drivers then decide to become trainers, dispatchers, or fleet managers. Just remember that trucking is like any other industry. You have to accrue seniority and acquire some experience before you can advance to higher and more sought-after positions.

You get freedom and flexibility with trucking careers.

As a Full Tilt truck driver, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the open road. If you’re an independent person you get to do things your way for the most part. This is one of the added benefits that leads people into truck driving careers. For truck drivers needing to stay closer to Reno, Full Tilt also has short hauls and local routes.

Adventurous, Interesting Work.

Full Tilt truck drivers get to see the country and get paid good money! Just last year alone, we’ve had drivers deliver to the NCAA College Basketball Final Four, Super Bowl, hurricane relief in Texas and Louisiana and delivering Monster Trucks to Monster Jam events.

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