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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 231,000 job openings for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers projected over the next decade. The logistics and distribution industry is booming right now and employment in these fields is expected to climb an additional 6% by 2030. So, how do you find the best CDL driver position among the hundreds of thousands of options available? Hear from current driver Josh to see why being a Full Tilt driver is so fulfilling. 


Cooped up with work, bad hours and low pay. Wanted better life and a chance to see the country with much more independence. Went to truck school in Idaho. Eight hours a day for 2 ½ weeks condensed intense programs. When I first got in a truck, I was intimidated but it felt great. I’ve been driving for Full Tilt for 4 ½ years and am one of the senior drivers. My safety record is great, and I take care to keep it that way. I’m disciplined and try to stay fit with regular stretching, TRX, and calisthenics. I’m into photography so driving cross country allows me to photograph things most people don’t get a chance to see. I also listen to podcasts and audiobooks.


I looked at several companies including mega carriers. Full Tilt was smaller, and I got to know people by name. Full Tilt values their drivers and they know me by name. They take care of their drivers. Stephanie is efficient and cares and Kim asks questions and driver opinions.


Yes, I keep busy, they keep me rolling. I like the coast-to-coast long-haul runs.


Absolutely Full Tilt invests in good trucks they are top-notch. They are new and upgraded like a traveling condo. The trucks are comfortable, quiet, and spacious. Don’t mind one or two weeks on the road. I can cook and there is plenty of room to stand up.


It’s good. I feel I’m experienced and the Truckers Against Trafficking program has made me aware of situations. I was at a truck stop near LA and was approached by a girl selling herself. She was obviously very young, and I suspected she was not there of her own choice. I contacted security and they took care of the situation. Truckers are good people. I’ve seen times where they go above and beyond to help people and other drivers. Like tossing in a few bucks to get a truck repaired or gas money for a driver in a pinch. Full Tilt’s technology is top-notch.


The independence. Seeing stuff that 99% of the people don’t get to see. It’s like exploring- the views. If you want to know about what I mean listen to the lyrics of the song Outskirts by Montgomery Gentry.


The away time. I’m gone a lot, but the long hauls are where I make most of my money and I’ve learned to appreciate home when I’m there. I have to prepare for the weather and there is some stress. You’re never sure where your next run is, and my schedule has to be flexible. All in all, though, the good definitely outweighs the bad.


The office contacts me and lets me know the basics. Where I’m picking up, what time, where I’m going, usually what I’m hauling, and sometimes the weight. I look at the miles and the due date and start my planning. I usually know the general route in my mind, but I have GPS, Google maps, and other tools. If there is a problem in route, I can contact other drivers regarding traffic delays or other issues. If it looks like I may be delayed, I contact the office and let them know so they can let the customer know. I show up on time I’m clean and presentable. I find the shipping office and pull in to unload when there is an open dock. Make sure the paperwork is taken care of. If I’m out of hours, I shut down if not the office will find me a backhaul. Occasionally I help out – driver assists to expedite. Good exercise for me and I don’t mind using pallet jacks – whatever it takes I take pictures of the freight in case it arrives damaged, and the receiver won’t accept it if it gets get shifted in route. I always verify what’s loaded on the truck is what’s ordered before I head out.  Security is important.  I always lock the trailer and won’t park in cities. I find a spot outside the city for safety. Make sure the area is well lit with a view of the surroundings. Turn in all paperwork when I get back to the yard. 

Fuel is an issue, and the price keeps going up. It now costs more than $1,000 to fill the truck. I see prices on everything going up unless the fuel price gets under control. Occasionally there may be minor damage or repairs needed while I’m on the road. The office is great when this happens. They get a mobile repair out there or if I can I limp into a truck stop. Full Tilt pays for any repairs quickly and I get back on the road. Wire transfers for fuel money are always done quickly.

Driving is a good job and very fulfilling for me. It can be hard and stressful but it is very rewarding knowing I’m a key part of the supply chain. Other drivers take pride in their work the old school drivers that have a code of conduct – help, respect, pride. There are some we call steering wheel holders that are new to the business. Some have no respect for each other and are only in it for the paycheck. I must say there are no steering wheel holders at Full Tilt. All are professional and respectful of each other.

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