Wild winter weather in the west affects the Reno trucking industry.

This winter has been record-setting for moisture in the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as most of California. At Full Tilt Logistics, we love being headquartered in the beautiful Reno-Tahoe area with an excellent lifestyle. We get to witness first hand some of the problems drivers must deal with when it comes to winter freight shipping.

Reno Trucking Industry, winter freight shipping

Interstate 80 is the major east-west thoroughfare through for the Reno trucking industry but the road has often been closed for weather this year.  Nevada and California state transportation departments do their best to maintain travel but there are many times the driving can be stopped or slow going at best.  We occasionally see drivers try and get by stalled traffic to keep the delivery schedule on time as much as possible.  Several drivers have attempted to use local neighborhood streets to avoid heavy traffic.

As you can see by the photo below, this doesn’t always work out.  This photo was taken recently in a residential neighborhood just off I 80 near the Nevada-California state line.

Reno Trucking Industry, winter freight shipping

We all understand the tough job winter freight shipping drivers have and how important good drivers are to the success of our industry. The frustration level ramps up because of weather and traffic delays but, as the photo shows, don’t always believe your GPS for the shortest and best route. Often in the hectic world of logistics we all are quick to anger and assign blame and at times, that may be justified.

We need to keep in mind there a lot of moving parts (no pun intended) in the logistics world and things can and often do go wrong. The good news is that shippers, customers, freight brokerage companies and drivers are all working together to achieve the desired outcome- on time delivery.  In the day to day hectic world we all live in, let’s all remember it takes a team to get the job done and we all make mistakes.